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Pop Music Pop Music C-pop - Female

呂薔 Amuyi
  1 Review
28  /  28 Videos
1.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi –迪化街 Dihua Street 官方完整版MV
2.  Adele-Don't You Remember cover by 呂薔
3.  Beatles-Oh! Darling (cover by 呂薔)
4.  呂薔 - 脆弱 (We Don't Talk專輯)
5.  Alicia Keys-If I ain't got you cover by 呂薔
6.  Joss Stone-right to be wrong (呂薔 cover)
7.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi 愛無所畏 Fearless Girl (Prod. By 麻吉弟弟) 官方完整版MV
8.  Adele-Rolling In The Deep cover by 呂薔
9.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi – 不像話 (中天戲劇台「射鵰英雄傳」片尾曲) 官方完整版MV
10.  外面的世界 - cover by 呂薔 吉他冬日濃情版
11.  Duffy-Mercy cover by 呂薔
12.  泰雅 (We Don't Talk 專輯)-呂薔
13.  All I Want For Christmas Is You - cover by 呂薔
14.  Jessie J-Price Tag (cover by呂薔&治軍 )
15.  David Guetta-Titanium (cover by 呂薔 piano version)
16.  The A Team( cover by呂薔)
17.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi –不退No Retreat (東森創作 獅子王強大 片尾曲) 官方完整版MV
18.  呂薔Amuyi - 不像話 (中天 射鵰英雄傳2017 淒美片尾曲)
19.  Beyonce-Listen (cover by 呂薔)
20.  多想將一切做的完美-呂薔
21.  呂薔-聽不見【卡拉版】
22.  聽不見(we don't talk專輯) -呂薔
23.  流浪記(呂薔cover)
24.  張惠妹-我最親愛的(cover by 呂薔)
25.  Kelly Clarkson-Up To The Mountain cover by 呂薔
26.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi O_LOVE 官方完整版MV
27.  魚
28.  [avex官方HD] 呂薔Amuyi O_LOVE 歌詞版MV
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