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熱門合輯 -世界地球日限定 Its Earth Day
  4 Review
31  /  31 Videos
1.  張震嶽 A-Yue【我家門前有大海】Official Music Video
2.  齊豫 Chyi Yu&潘越雲 Michelle Pan (A Pan)【夢田 Dream land】Official Music Video
3.  蘇婭 Su-Yang【美好的豐年祭】Official Music Video
4.  郭英男 Difang【拜訪歌 Visiting song】Official Music Video
5.  成龍 Jackie Chan【當我們同在一起】Official Music Video
6.  錦繡二重唱 Walkie Talkie【夏之旅 Summer trip】Official Music Video
7.  高明瀚 Gao Ming-Hang【用熱情種出希望 To grow hope with enthusiasm】Official Music Video
8.  宇恆(宇珩) Yu Heng【Happy day】Official Music Video
9.  朱約信 Jutoupi【和諧的夜晚OAA】Official Music Video
10.  周華健Wakin Chau&任賢齊Richie Jen&光良Michael Wong&品冠VictorWong&BEYOND【Yellow Submarine】Official Music Video
11.  紀曉君 Samingad【神話】Official Music Video
12.  趙傳 Chief Chao【當我們同在一起】Official Music Video
13.  【快樂天堂 Happy Paradise】Official Music Video
14.  金門王 Chin Man-Wang&李炳輝 Lee Ping-Huei【來去夏威夷】Official Music Video (卡通版)
15.  順子 Shunza【Open up】Official Music Video
16.  萬芳 Wan Fang【True colors】Official Music Video
17.  【種子】Official Music Video
18.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【童年 Childhood】Official Music Video
19.  林憶蓮 Sandy Lam【Seasons of love】Official Music Video
20.  黃品源 Huang Pin Yuan【花與蝶 Flower and butterfly】Official Music Video
21.  杜德偉 Alex To&丸子 Cosmo【復活島】Official Music Video
22.  【快樂天堂 Happy Paradise】Official Music Video (純真版)
23.  【美麗新樂園 Beautiful peace land】Official Music Video
24.  李宗盛 Jonathan Lee【希望 Hope】Official Music Video
25.  【大地之歌 Earth Song】Official Music Video
26.  張震嶽 A-Yue【小星星】Official Music Video
27.  伍佰 Wu Bai&China Blue【白鴿 White dove】Official Music Video
28.  五月天 Mayday【花(音樂來自四方)】Official Music Video
29.  蘇慧倫 Tarcy Su【Yellow Submarine】Official Music Video
30.  五月天 Mayday【知足】Official Music Video
31.  林憶蓮 Sandy Lam&齊豫 Chyi Yu&劉美君 Prudence Liew【What a wonderful world】Official Music Video
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Tags: 熱門合輯 世界地球日限定 It's Earth Day