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流行 -BBC Music -BBC Introducing | Sessions
  4 Review
33  /  33 Videos
1.  Yellow Days - Your Hand Holding Mine (BBC Introducing session)
2.  Nilüfer Yanya - Baby Love (BBC Introducing session)
3.  Zuzu - Get Off (BBC Introducing Session)
4.  Tom Grennan - Praying (BBC Introducing Session)
5.  Sonny Green - Hustle (BBC Introducing Session)
6.  Franko Fraize - Together We're Lost (BBC Introducing session)
7.  Earl - Make Love (BBC Introducing session)
8.  Elf Kid - Oh Gosh (BBC Introducing session)
9.  Man Of Moon - Waveforms (Django Django cover - BBC Introducing session)
10.  Cabbage - Uber Capitalist Death Trade (BBC Introducing Session)
11.  Broken Hands - Four (BBC Introducing session)
12.  Folly Rae - Hard To Love (BBC Introducing session)
13.  The Shimmer Band - FREEDOM (BBC Introducing session)
14.  The Amazons - Nightdriving (BBC Introducing session)
15.  Gabrielle Aplin - Home (BBC Introducing session)
16.  Isaac Gracie - Terrified (BBC Introducing session)
17.  Area 52 - What Do You Want? (BBC Introducing session)
18.  ZIBRA - Sunscreen (Maida Vale session)
19.  Declan McKenna - Brazil (BBC Introducing session)
20.  Vaults - Poison (BBC Introducing session)
21.  Kit Trigg - Too Bad I Hated You Anyway (Maida Vale session)
22.  Jacob Collier - Eleanor Rigby (Maida Vale session)
23.  Viola Beach - Swings & Waterslides (Maida Vale session)
24.  The Sherlocks - Chasing Shadows (Maida Vale session)
25.  Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (Maida Vale session)
26.  Nazim Ziryab - Yemma (Maida Vale session)
27.  Lisbon - B L U E L O V E (Maida Vale)
28.  Charlotte OC - On & On (Maida Vale session)
29.  KLOË - Feel (Maida Vale session)
30.  Jack Garratt - Worry (Maida Vale session)
31.  Royal Blood - Figure It Out (Maida Vale session)
32.  Slaves - Beauty Quest (Maida Vale session)
33.  Låpsley - Falling Short (Maida Vale Session)
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Tags: BBC Music -BBC Introducing | Sessions