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電音/混音 -Country Fish
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29  /  29 Videos
1.  Katy Perry- California Girls (Hellberg Remix) [Dwarf Gourami]
2.  DWYR-Make Me Float [New Tank]
3.  Steve Void & No Mondays- Chemistry (ft. Clara Mae) [Sunburst Tank]
4.  The Chainsmokers- Closer (Saxena remix) [Dwarf Gourami]
5.  Kolaj- Hello (Adele Cover by Kolaj) [Dwarf Gourami]
6.  Shelton Brasil Country- Day Drinkin'
7.  Melodic Ocean, Nightcrawlers- Push the Feeling On (Dunisco & RE.NO Remix) [Sun Platties]
8.  Patrick James- Bugs (Goldwave Edit) [Sunburst Platy]
9.  Papa Ya- Outta Here (Feat. ConBroChill)[Half Moon Betta]
10.  Andie Roy- Find Yourself (Ft. Sophia & Sandy Sax) [Half Moon Betta]
11.  RKCB- Elevated(Joe Mason Remix) [ Half Moon Betta fish tank addition]
12.  GRIZ- Summer '97 ft. Muzzy Bear [Plecostomus Interior Decorator]
13.  Kav Verhouzer- Spring Dance (Mixtape)[500 Subs celebration]
14.  WA Production- What About Country Guitar Loops [Under the Forest Aquarium]
15.  Sandovall- Unwind (Sokko Remix) [Betta Fish Desktop Aquarium]
16.  DJ J-Krisp's Luke Bryan- Shake That Country Girl [Aquaridise Red Tank]
17.  J Burn- Freight Train [Benihana's Cichlid Paradise]
18.  Sean Dylan Dilan- Country EDM (PL Edition) [Aquaridise's octagonal tank]
19.  Sam Park's Project- Little Baby [Platties' Sanctuary]
20.  Maggie Lindemann- Couple of Kids (J Pax Remix) [Aquaridise Green Tank]
21.  Bryan Mathison- Shanty [Ocean Realm Exhibit]
22.  Cletus Got Shot- Mountain Top [ Saltwater aquarium]
23.  Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys- Instrumental [Stingray Beach Club exhibit]
24.  Bryan Mathys- Daydreaming of the South [Sunburst Platties]
25.  Zephania and the 18 Wheelers- I Sure Like Your Truck [Underwater Wreckage]
26.  Alex Battle & the Engelberts- Jesus Wore Flip Flops [Little Blue Penguins]
27.  The red Thread- Spread Thin [Adventure Aquarium turtle exhibit]
28.  Jeffrey Philip Nelson- Shotglas [Long Finned Skirt Tetra Aquarium]
29.  The Defibulators- Everybody's Got a Banjo [Titan Fish]
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