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1.  Falling - The Lumineers (SASA Ukulele Cover)
2.  Mi Mi Mi SEREBRO acapella cover 单人和声翻唱
3.  That's What I Like - Bruno Mars (SASA Cover)
4.  阿飞的小蝴蝶-萧敬腾 ukulele cover
5.  电影《春嬌救志明》主題曲 ukulele cover
6.  一朵花 ukulele cover
7.  白安《是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你》ukulele cover
8.  赵雷-成都 ukulele cover
9.  City of Stars - LA LA LAND (Sasa Cover)
10.  The Show Lenka ukulele cover
11.  尤克里里弹唱教学《Don't Wanna Know》小sa神 Ukulele Tutorial
12.  Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (cover by Sasa ) ukulele acoustic guitar
13.  Don‘t Wanna Know Maroon5 - Sasa Ukulele Cover + Let Me Love You
14.  民谣《不要唱南山南也不要哼哼北秋悲》尤克里里弹唱
15.  [Chinese Cover] Stay With Me-孤單又燦爛的神 鬼怪Ost [中文版] 燦烈찬열(Chanyeol).펀치(Punch)
16.  火星事务所《薛之谦-火星人来过》翻唱
17.  粉色大作战!护发素染发分享~Dying Pink Hair with Japanese Conditioner Annadonna
18.  史上最好听12首圣诞歌曲大串烧 12 Best Christmas Songs Mashup
19.  Last Christmas Ukulele Cover
20.  NEVER BE LIKE YOU cover by SASA
21.  《往南》 民谣ukulele cover
22.  《陈粒-小半》Rosa乐队排练版
23.  House Of Gold - Twenty One Pilots | SASA Ukulele Cover
24.  English Cover【BLACKPINK - WHISTLE (휘파람) 】by SASA
25.  微微一笑很倾城插曲《下一秒》sasa ukulele
26.  Live:ONE OK ROCK 《Cry Out》Apr.2 Indianapolis Concert
27.  《短发-梁咏琪》小sa神 ukulele cover
28.  《乌克丽丽-周杰伦》小sa神ukulele
29.  《张国荣-追》ukulele cover
30.  《说爱你-蔡依林》 Sasa Cover
31.  Love Yourself-Ukulele Tutorial 尤克里里教学
32.  Justin Bieber | "Love Yourself" (Sasa +Brownie +Mark Cover)
33.  Love Yourself (ukulele cover) - Justin Bieber
34.  《林俊傑 JJ Lin – 彈唱》ukulele cover|A Song for You Till the End of Time
35.  ROSA乐队|3月26日美拍app全球接唱直播|预告片
36.  《老街-李荣浩》Sasa & 俞言
37.  原创歌《怎么说爱你》
38.  Hello-Adele Covered by Sasa
39.  Sasa小sa神《好想你》四葉草 Joyce Chu ukulele cover
40.  陪你度过漫长岁月 ukulele
41.  我不愿让你一个人 ukulele
42.  《五月天-我不愿让你一个》ukulele 教程
43.  "Sweater Weather" - The Neighborhood (Sasa Cover)
44.  《给你们-张宇》 sasa ukulele
45.  La vie en rose - Sasa (ukulele cover)
46.  馬頔 南山南 covered by賽德尼斯
47.  田馥甄-小幸运 ukulele cover by Sasa
48.  Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor Cover by 赛德尼斯
49.  If You Big Bang covered by Sasa
50.  Chivalry is Dead-Trevor Wesley (Ukulele Cover by Sasa)
51.  方大同-四人遊(Cover) Jordan 盛天俊& Sasa 小sa神
52.  Royals-Lorde acapella cover by Sasa
53.  Can't Take My Eyes Off You 弹唱教程
54.  吴克群ft.宋智孝《너 귀엽다 你好可愛 》 Danny许佳麟 ft.小sa神
55.  My Everything Ariana Grande covered by Sasa
56.  葫芦娃 sasa ukulele
57.  写一首歌 ukulele 小sa神
58.  不将就 - 何以笙箫默电影片尾曲 - 原唱李荣浩
59.  Wiz Khalifa - See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth (Sasa Cover)
60.  Zee Avi - Just You And Me (Ukulele Cover) by Sasa
61.  Uptown Funk -Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars-acapella cover
62.  你被写在我的歌里
63.  Can‘t take my eyes off you-ukulele cover
64.  奇妙能力歌 ukulele sasa
65.  All About That Bass Acoustic Cover (acapella)
66.  Maroon 5-She Will Be Loved ukulele cover by Sasa
67.  ukulele调音教程
68.  Taylor Swift - Blank Space (Ukulele Cover)
69.  好久不見-周杰倫 Cover by Jennifer&Sasa
70.  Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat(Cover by Jackie ft. Sasa)
71.  爱我别走-张震岳 Sasa Ukulele Cover
72.  Try-Colbie Caillat(Cover by Sasa)ukulele
73.  《沒關系是愛情啊》괜찮아 사랑이야 -ukulele cover
74.  宋冬野 斑马斑马 ukulele教程
75.  宋冬野-斑马斑马 Ukulele Cover
76.  Shut Up-Black Eyed Peas a capella cover
77.  朴树《平凡之路》ukulele cover by sasa 韩寒电影《后会无期》主题曲
78.  Valentine - Kina Grannis (ukulele cover)
79.  Secret 不能说的秘密 ukulele cover
80.  Ukulele Cover Shakira-La La La (Dare) 2014 FIFA world cup theme song 巴西世界杯主题曲
81.  Chocolate Ice cover
82.  Roar ukulele cover
83.  Sublime - Santeria Ukulele Cover
84.  晴天娃娃-江语晨 ukulele tutorial
85.  Cheap Date- Lateeya (cover)
86.  Say Something ukulele cover
87.  Lullaby ukulele cover
88.  The Big Bang Theory Theme Song Ukulele Tutorial
89.  Bitter Heart - Ukulele Cover
90.  Let It Go from Frozen ukulele cover
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