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Pop Music Anime OST Romance

The Hill Dyed Rose Madder
  4 Review
58  /  58 Videos
1.  Gradation of Sadness (FC ver.)
2.  Gradation of Sadness (PS ver.)
3.  At the Hill Beneath the Blue Sky ~The evening~ (arrange ver.)
4.  Idol's Smiling (arrange ver.)
5.  Party! Party! (arrange ver.)
6.  Elegant Princess (arrange ver.)
7.  I'm on The Side (arrange ver.)
8.  Half of Sight (arrange ver.)
9.  Eyecatch
10.  A Hill Stained Madder Red (Short size)
11.  Merrymaking Fes
12.  Unpleasant Feeling
13.  What Happened
14.  You Aren't Here
15.  Twilight
16.  Attack Action!
17.  Sunset Dark Red
18.  Have a Nice Day
19.  Abnormal Atmosphere
20.  Daily Morning
21.  Gentle Miniature Garden
22.  Party! Party! -Tsukasa's Theme-
23.  At the Hill Beneath the Blue Sky ~The evening~ -Mikoto's Theme-
24.  Festive Mood
25.  A Scenery With You ~In the dream~ -Sai's Theme-
26.  Gradation of Sadness (Short Size)
27.  Half of Sight -Nagomi's Theme-
28.  Idol's Smiling -Mitsuki's Theme-
29.  Elegant Princess -Yuuhi's Theme-
30.  I'm on The Side -Minatos' Theme-
31.  A Hill Stained Madder Red
32.  A Hill Stained Madder Red (off vocal)
33.  Gradation of Sadness (off vocal)
34.  Hirano Aya - ai Koko Kara (Instrumental)
35.  Gradation of Sadness
36.  Katou Emiri - Cherry pink mystery (Instrumental)
37.  Hirano Aya - Mezame nai wish... (Instrumental)
38.  Hirano Aya - ai Koko Kara
39.  Hirano Aya - Mezame nai wish...
40.  Katou Emiri - Shoujo Test wa Muzukashii (Instrumental)
41.  Inoue Marina - Four season's memory (Instrumental)
42.  Katou Emiri - Shoujo Test wa Muzukashii
43.  Inoue Marina - Love Diving (Instrumental)
44.  Inoue Marina - Four season's memory
45.  Katou Emiri - Cherry pink mystery
46.  Tanaka Rie - Make a miracle! (Instrumental)
47.  Tanaka Rie - Make a miracle!
48.  Tanaka Rie - Chu.chu.ru
49.  Tanaka Rie - Chu.chu.ru (Instrumental)
50.  Inoue Marina - Love Diving
51.  Kugimiya Rie - Akane-iro Hometown
52.  Kugimiya Rie - Akane-iro Hometown (Instrumental)
53.  Hirohashi Ryo - Confusion... (Instrumental).
54.  Kugimiya Rie - Sweet Gift
55.  Kugimiya Rie - Sweet Gift (Instrumental)
56.  Hirohashi Ryo - Confusion...
57.  Hirohashi Ryo - Watashi to Kare no Jijo
58.  Hirohashi Ryo - Watashi to Kare no Jijo (Instrumental)
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Tags: The Hill Dyed Rose Madder,夕陽染紅的坡道,染红的街道,あかねいろにそまるさか