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  1. What is the square thing? What is it for?

    It's called SwiSquare. You tap, swipe or drag to different direction to generate playlist of corresponding music styles. All your music is analyzed, categorized, tagged, folded and positioned in SwiSquare according to its tempo and timeline (release date).

    Tempo axis is horizontal. Tap on the right to get some rock’n’roll. Move your finger inch by inch to the left to experience the transition from uptempo tunes to soothing melody.

    Timeline axis is vertical. Play some oldies from the button and move all the way up to latest release.

    Explore the music spectrum and swipe to create playlists with SwiSquare!

  2. Why does SwiSquare change its color?

    Each color indicates corresponding music styles.

    The color changes when you switch music style from one to another.

  3. What does the circle on SwiSquare stand for? What does the number in it mean?

    The circle is like mouse pointer in iPhone. It echoes movements of your finger, and where the circle is located on SwiSquare generates playlist of according music style.

    Tap, swipe or drag anywhere on SwiSquare, the circle will follow you to the end—where your finger lifts off the screen, and the chosen music is on.

    The number in the circle shows how many tracks are in the current playlist.

  4. Why does the circle enlarge automatically?

    If the circle enlarges, it means there’s no track found in the area you selected, and SwiBeat expands its search range to includes tracks in near areas.

    You can pinch to adjust its size.

    If you want to get more music for SwiSquare, check it out our Muzik Card in Free Music section.

  5. Why can’t I move the circle to certain area? It just puffs up or jump to other area.

    First of all, pinch to make the circle smaller and try again. If it doesn’t do the trick, either of the following situations occurs:

    1. If the circle puffs up, it means there’s no track found in the area you selected. It’s expanding search range to include tracks in near areas.

    2. If the circle jumps to other place, this means there’s no track found in or near the area you selected.

  6. Why isn’t some of the music in the place it should be?

    SwiBeat algorithm evolves with users’ feedbacks and gets more powerful with each update that brings about higher accuracy and less analysis time.

  7. Why can I play only few tracks with SwiBeat? What’s happening?

    It could be the initial analysis process was interrupted and left unfinished.

    SwiBeat analyzes your music library automatically right after initial installation. If the analysis is somehow interrupted, you can resume the process anytime by tapping 「Analyze Added Tracks」on setting page.

    A notification will pop up once the analysis is done.

  8. Why aren’t all of my songs appearing in SwiSquare?

    They’re in the process of re-analysis. Tap Analyze Added Tracks on setting page to integrate them into SwiSquare 24 hours after your installation.

  9. There are many areas in the SwiSquare are skipped. Any tips?

    SwiBeat only supports standard iTunes format at this moment. To add tracks to SwiBeat, you need to:

    1. Upload music files to computers and sync it to iPhone via iTunes.

    2. Go to SwiBeat setting page, hit Analyze Added Tracks and wait for notification that tells you the analysis has completed.

    3. Congrats! Now sit back and enjoy your music with SwiBeat.

    If you want to get more music for SwiSquare, check it out our Muzik Card in Free Music section.

  1. What is Long Combo? How do I make one?

    Long combo is a playlist generated based on the route users create by dragging on SwiSquare, usually containing various music styles.

    To create one, long press on SwiSquare to activate it, and slide to select the areas you like.

  2. Why has part of the route changed when playing the Long Combo?

    Long Combo is a playlist generated based on the path users drag on SwiSquare. When no track has been found on the route, SwiBeat will search and add nearest tracks into the playlist.

    If you want to get more music for SwiSquare, check it out our Muzik Card in Free Music section.

  3. Why can’t I shuffle or repeat current song when playing Long Combo playlist?

    Long Combo is a playlist generated based on the path users drag on SwiSquare, and it plays according to order you set out. Shuffle or repeat current song mode isn’t in much of need under this setting.

    If you want to rearrange playlist order, you can edit it on playlist page.

  4. Why doesn’t every track included in the route show up in Long Combo?

    For better experience with variety of music style, only 2 tracks in every place are selected randomly.

  1. How do I go back to the previous playlist if I accidentally change it?

    Tap previous button before the song ends, you’re then back to the previous playlist.

  2. How do I remove tracks in playlist?

    On playlist page, tap the name of the track you want to remove, you’ll see the remove button appear next to the song title. By tapping it, you remove this track from current playlist, not from SwiBeat.

    Note: You can't remove it if you’re playing the track.

    To complete delete it, you have to delete it on iTunes.

  3. I delete tracks in playlist by chance. What do I do?

    Don’t worry. The tracks is just temporarily removed from the playlist, not from SwiBeat. It’s still where it is.

    However, if you do want to delete the music file completely, do so on iTunes.

  4. How do I re-order songs in a playlist?

    Open the playlist icon on the lower right corner.

    To move a song higher or lower in the list, drag the handles on the right of each song (three horizontal lines) to your desire order.

  5. How do I mark tracks as favorite?

    Hit the heart icon next to song title when you hear a song you really like.

    The heart turns to solid blue to let you know the tracks is favorited.

    You can play favorite playlist on setting page.

  6. How to play my favorite playlist?

    Tap the setting button located in the top right corner.

    On setting page, you can find favorite playback control on the top.

    Hit the play button to play your favorite playlist.

  7. How do I view my favorite playlist?

    On setting page, you can find playback control on the top. Hit it to play your favorite playlist, and go back to main menu. Tap playlist at the button to view your favorite playlist.

  8. How to edit my favorite playlist?

    On setting page, you can find playback control on the top. Hit it to play your favorite playlist, and go back to main menu. Tap playlist at the button to edit your favorite playlist.

  9. Why does it skip to next track when I tap shuffle?

    SwiBeat reorders songs and play playlist from top to button in the new order when you tap shuffle button.

  10. Why isn’t sharing button working?

    Try log into the app you want to share from before you hit the sharing button. For example, log into Facebook or Twitter.

  11. Why aren’t the songs I uploaded appearing in SwiSquare?

    When you add tracks to SwiBeat, tap Analyze Added Tracks on setting page to activate analysis process. They’ll join SwiSquare once the analysis is done.

    However, if some of them don’t show up afterward, try tapping Analyze Added Tracks again 24 hours after you first tried. We will work on the second analysis process as soon as possible, or you can contact us here.

  12. Where can I see all of the tracks in my library?

    Swipe up on the SwiBeat's preview to close the app and open it again.
    SwiBeat will automatically play all the tracks in your library when launched.Tap the playlist icon on the top right, you can see all your tracks listed in the playlist.

  13. Why does the number on SwiSquare sometimes show 0?

    If the number is 0, it means SwiBeat is firing on all cylinders to load your music.
    This may occur when you restart the app.
    Once loading is completed, the total number of tracks in your library will show up and start to play music automatically.

  14. The number on SwiSquare displays correctly, yet I cannot play music. It keeps showing “No music found in this area.” Why?

    It means the music in iTunes and the one stored in your device is not synchronized properly.
    You can fix this by entering Settings, and tap Music. Turn on Use Cellular Data under the PLAYBACK & DOWNLOADS section.

  1. Is it legal to download Muzik Card?

    Yes, it is! Thanks to all the artists who share their knowledge and creativity with the world by licensing their work under public copyright licenses, we curate a bunch of great music and bring it together to our Muzik Cards.

    If you like the music, you can find the source in Free Music section. The artists would love to hear from you.

  2. I download Muzik Card via SwiBeat app. It’s been 10 minutes, and still not finished. What do I do?

    First look at the screen, does it show you another slides? If it’s a yes, then we can rule out the situation that the app has frozen.

    If it takes more than 10 minutes to download Muzik Cards, an unstable WiFi may be the reason. Check if you are on a stable WiFi or 3G connection and restart the app to download again.