Jazz Music
Containing the finest jazz music ever released! Unique swipe-friendly interface. Swipe up – down to choose instrumental or vocal jazz from mellow to upbeat...more
This is an app dedicated to people around the globe who fight cancer. Let piano music sooths your soul. Skim-friendly interface swipe to choose music...more
CH Music
Reimagine pop music with Chinese zither lute erhu and more. Explore Chinese music with fresh eyes on a visualized music map! Swipe to...more
All the best music box songs in one app. Visualized music map. Make a personalized soothing playlist in a swipe. Soundtracks classical music...more
Ultimate piano cover collection for Chinese pop music. Skim-friendly music map. Move your finger on the map to switch between popular soundtracks original music...more
From Fishing Song to Yo-Kai exercise swipe up for ancient nursery rhythms and down for trending music. Enjoy music time with your kids!
Baby crying all the night? You need Baby Sleep Music app! Foolproof music map. Give the screen a swipe to generate auto-playlist to sooth baby to sleep.
Pregnancy music navigator for YouTube. Clutter-free interface. Create any prenatal music you need with a single swipe. Let Mozart effect do the work!
Skim-friendly English kids music interface. Swipe left for slow music right for fast up for trending and down for classic one. Enjoy music with each swipe!
Blessed are you if you love Japanese childrens music! Swipe to generate playlists of popular YouTube Japanese childrens music. Listen to music on the go!
Interactive kids music map! Swipe to switch between soothing sound cheerful music nursery rhymes classical…your best baby soothing app!
Party time! Wild or intimate trending or old school weve covered it all! Get tonights party mix done in one swipe!
Looking for pulse-pounding music? SwiWorkout App lets you swipe to choose workout playlist that matches your tempo!
Baroque Classical to Contemporary era. SwiClassical presents you the best YouTube classical map by tempo and timeline. Swipe to stream your mix!